11 Dec 2016

Exodus of civilians from Aleppo and stories from rebels

Thousands of refugees are fleeing along the corridors to reach safety on government-controlled territories. But some of them are cunning beasts, who were cutting off people's heads just yesterday.

Anna News article: http://www.anna-news.info/node/69513

The rebels in the southern part of eastern Aleppo seem to have lost the last hope to hold the city. Having lost several dozens of districts within just one week, even the most zealous terrorists began to think about a way to escape.

On December 8th, mass media were receiving information that an agreement was reached between the Syrian government and extremists that allowed civilians to leave through special corridors, in Al-Aziz district. And, when the road was opened, a huge influx of refugees flooded into the government-controlled areas.

The endless river of people stretched over the entire road. Thousands of weary people were walking by us, led by the only idea of finding salvation on the government's territory.

Many people are asking the same question: if the rebel-controlled areas are shrinking literally in hours, then where do the terrorists go? The answer is quite simple: many of those who realized the hopelessness of further armed hostilities are just shaving off their beards, putting on civilian clothing and trying to infiltrate, along with the civilians, into the territory which they were bombarding with mortars and hell-fire gas cylinders just yesterday.

At the last checkpoint of the Syrian Army fleeing people are subjected to initial examination. Soldiers are checking their backs for arms and explosives. But this method is not good enough to reveal terrorists. For this, covert agents are used. This civilian, who asked to keep his face hidden, agreed to disclose the rebels among the crowd of civilians. Many of those he knew personally.

At this spot, a kind of temporary camp was organized by the Syrian Army. All those who are saying that they are civilians but can be suspected in affiliation with terrorists, are brought here.

Among these frightened people, genuine wild beasts are hiding. Just yesterday, under religious slogans, they were cutting off people's heads for a slightest doubt about sympathy to the Government.

"All people here are former rebels. They escaped from the As-Salihin district. These are members of Jabhat An-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki. They were leaving the area along with the civilians. For now, we keep them here. Later, the Muhabarat will take them away. Some of them confessed immediately that they were in the terrorist groups. This man made a confession that just yesterday he was a member of An-Nusra. And today, in civilian disguise, he joined a crowd of refugees.

"My name is Akhmad Nayemi, I was a member of Jabhat An-Nusra. We were based in Salihin district. We ran out of ammos, and our commander ran away, that is why I surrendered. I shaved off my beard because I was afraid to be caught."

"My name is Zuhir Bakri. I was in An-Nusra too. I laid down my arms in hope for amnesty. I want to become a civilian again to end this war. Two years ago I joined their ranks. We were brainwashed; they told us that the government forces would kill us, that's why I joined them. Many others joined them because they were promised to enter the paradise with pleasures from "houris" after death. In addition, every day we were given pills called "Kaptagon". As to the prisoners of war, we were cutting off their heads. But I did not kill anybody. Only our commander did. And we all understood well about this person. I realized that An-Nusra is evil. So I decided to surrender."

Most of the detainees are saying that they have nothing in common with the terrorists. And even those who were not in the ranks of the rebels, nevertheless, said they want to surrender.

"I was a soldier of the Syrian Army, but terrorists captured my father and tortured him. Then, they put my mother to jail. She called me and said that if I don't join the rebels, she would be killed. They gave me two days. I requested a four day leave from my commander and then deserted to their side. Then we arrived in our home, and my father punished me with bastinade, 80 hits for my desertion. We have had the desire to leave for quite a while, but they did not let us. I never wished to be with the rebels. I like the Syrian Army. Today all our family escaped from the district. I make prayers to God that all goes well."

Despite the fact that there are definitely a large number of rebels among the refugees, the clashes in the neighboring district of Sheikh Saeed are not stopping even for a minute. The terrorists are clinging on every house in this district.

According to Syrian military, if they retake this district, Aleppo would be lost for the rebels. The Liva Al-Quds Brigade, with fire support of the Desert Falcons, is making a successful advance from the eastern part. The Palestinians started their offense from the crossroads on the circular highway. By noon, despite the high toll, they have been able to reach the highway that divides this district into two parts. Unlike other directions, where the rebels have to fight in a defensive without prepared positions, here they have prepared an in-depth defense through which the attacking troops have to penetrate. After lunch, the Jerusalem Brigade fighters received an order to halt and fortify the lines that they have reached. If the Syrian Army is able to crack this stronghold during the next few days, then the terrorists will have only two options: surrender or die.



The infidels are trying to infiltrate together with the civilians. Those who are walking with children in their arms are 299% bandits! Their favorite habit is to hide behind children. Moslems have no habit to carry children in arms (only in extreme cases), and considering how zealous they are, they should not carry children. This reminds me of captured Ukrops [slang for Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas conflict] who were "memorizing" that they had kids "at home, starving" and "that they were forced". These ones, who were caught, cannot be trusted. These terrorists admitted themselves that it is possible to say anything just in order to infiltrate the crowd of civilians. And then, at the right time, they will receive orders and terror attacks will happen again.

Vasily Ivanov

Those who had done something "special", must be propped against the wall [Russian saying for 'execution']. The others must be sent to a camp until the end of the war, let them restore the destroyed [infrastructure].


The video shows that some are trying to avert their eyes and turn away, hiding their face under a hood...

You just have to film them several times, as they are sitting in the crowd under examining looks after the arrest; so that their reaction is obvious, and then a calm interrogation should be done using details and direct questions. This will discover at least half of the criminals.

They simply will not withstand the additional stress during filming. And even if they manage to disguise now, in the future their presence here will be used as a proof if they try to deny their crimes.

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