10 Dec 2016

Reportage from Syria by Anna News Agency - Agony of Insurgents in Aleppo

A reportage from Aleppo frontline by Anna News: liberated streets of Old Aleppo, captured storages of the terrorists and offensive on Aleppo Citadel.

Anna News Website: http://anna-news.info/node/69483 Youtube Video in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ufFD_vHX44

The agony of the insurgents in Eastern Aleppo is continuing. It seems there is nothing left for them but phoning their foreign sponsors.

The terrorists go south, giving up quarter after quarter in the city center. They are departing, most likely, at night or dawn, leaving behind a few snipers to contain the movement of the Syrian Army in any possible way. There are almost no shooting combats using hand guns.

After suppressing such firing points, the infantry starts combing operations, and they encounter no particular resistance.

Basement premises of one of the complexes in former eye-illness clinic not far from Aleppo Citadel were turned into ammo and food storages by the insurgents. Here, their security service office was located too. The writing says that entry with arms is strictly prohibited. In nearby rooms, we found prison cells. They are all differentiated by size and containment conditions.

We can only guess: most likely, some of the cells were for their own perpetrators who committed disciplinary crimes, and others were for the prisoners of war. Food was prepared here too, across the hall in the kitchen.

Outside, you can see the symbols of the Free Syrian Army; and inside a prison was arranged. Also, we found a great number of flags of An-Nusra and other terrorist organizations. This proves again that the so called 'moderates' and jihadists are fighting together.

This leaflet of An-Nusra calls all groups to stop hostilities between them and shooting at each other. Apparently, they had to settle their arguments in this way. The legal norms here were far from secular.

Just in 500 meters, next to the cemetery, the school building was used by the insurgents for a sharia court.

"This was my school. I studied here when I was a kid, in the Sadallah Adjabri School. Now it is a sharia court. They were bringing people here whom they wanted to execute."

"This was the office of the judge who was issuing sentences. Who should live, and who should die. They were executing our soldiers. Here you can see a military ID."

One of the documents contains interrogation records of a person who murdered a man suspected in collaboration with the Syrian government. The murderer was never punished. Here we can see signatures of people promising not to violate the rules of sharia, for example, avoid drinking alcohol.

"Someone said it was dangerous there: mines."

This is a crossroads in the historical district Bab Al Hadid. It has been cleaned from the insurgents just recently. The symbols of Free Syrian Army are everywhere. The entrances to the district are blocked by concrete walls carrying flags of the opposition and An-Nusra.

We are driving along the streets of the Old Aleppo to the symbol of the city, its Citadel. It was built in 957 AD. For now, there are still insurgents in there, who are covering the flight of the bandits. We decide to move cautiously along the millennia-old streets of the Old City towards the Citadel. The cleansing is not over yet. After the assault teams have walked here, the buildings were not checked and sappers did not work here. These streets witnessed Babylonians and Hittites, Greeks and Romans, Arabs and Turks. The city was conquered by Alexander the Great. It was besieged twice by crusaders. And it was overtaken and looted by Mongols headed by merciless Tamerlane.

All this resembles very much the present day. The new Barbarians of the 21st century, who wish to follow the laws of the Medieval Ages, are ready to wipe out everything from the face of Earth just in order to have their utopias fulfilled.

Every street here can be called a UNESCO World Heritage object. And exactly here, in the labyrinths of the houses, the terrorists created their ammunition storages and positions of the HellFire and mortars, which had to be suppressed by the Syrian Army.

We are now almost near the Citadel which was unblocked by a yesterday's offensive of the Syrian Army. We had to move with caution, however, because the risk of friendly fire is high. The frontline is not stable yet as Syrian soldiers are making a swift offensive southward.


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