30 Nov 2016

Commander of Al-Quds, Muhammed Raffe, killed in action in Aleppo

A report of Anna News about the latest events in Aleppo: collapse of terrorists' defense and death of Muhammed Raffe, commander of Liva Al-Quds, the Palestinian militia.

See report of Anna News at http://www.anna-news.info/node/68830

Syrian troops are continuing their offense in eastern Aleppo.

Being on the verge of the encirclement in the northern areas, the insurgents began to withdraw their troops to the southern districts. Having been informed about the successful approach of the government army in the areas of Khanano and Jab al-Badr, a Al-Quds brigade has launched an attack in the direction of the Bayaddin crossroads. The terrorists quailed and began to hastily abandon their positions.

A strategically important crossroads of Jandul. It was under attack for over a month. And only yesterday night, the fighters of Liva Al-Quds were able to take over this key point.

But each victory has its price. Death is always looking for the best, brave and loyal warriors. On the 27th November, heading an offensive, the commander of Liva Al-Quds, Muhammad Raffe and our friend, was killed in action.

We first met him in March 2016, during an attack in northern Aleppo. The head of Liva Al-Quds, aka Al-Arab, repeatedly invited our camera crew to the frontline. Thanks to him, we have been able to make our best reports: in the Aveydzha industrial zone and Handarat camp. Muhammad was never hiding behind the backs of his men: same courage he demonstrated at this time.

Men were sent to clear the area behind this building. They were surrounded there and the insurgents started to fire at them. Here you can see the hits. And he was hit here, right on this spot. He was standing right here. And he sent his men away to that building, they had to run there. And you see those poles over there: fire was started from there. So he was hit, you can see marks on the walls. His men pulled him out from the fire, and out him on the ground over there. This is his blood.

Here Muhammad Raffe died. He was the commander of Liva Al-Quds, and I would like to say a couple of words about him. He was there at the very outset of Liva Al-Quds. When the war in Syria began, our camps Neirab and Handarat were the first targets of the insurgents. It was then that Muhammad Raffe gathered men together to protect our territory. He was in charge of nearly all attacks. And he was a good warrior. Victory was following his steps. He worked day and night. Together with Muhammad Sayid, they wanted to turn us into a well-trained army. I remember our first attack. It was a success. Then, we were able to help the 80th battalion of the Syrian Army break from encircelement. The fighters of our brigade did their best in the war for Aleppo. Our brigade liberated Mukhayam Handarat, Aveydzha industrial zone, Al Kindi Hospital; and on this spot he died. He was a great commander. All our men had great respect for him. He was a pure and open soul. Muhammad was our hero. He was not afraid of death. He was our commander and today he died. I am sorry.

Even after his death, the enemies could not stop being afraid of Muhammad. Mean tricks and dishonesty have long been the names of the so called 'opposition'. The terrorists know nothing about ancient traditions and religious rules. Extremists fired three missiles at the funeral procession. It was a lucky chance that nobody was killed. Three people were wounded.


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