30 Nov 2016

Collapse of the insurgents' defense in eastern Aleppo

An unexpected offensive of Syrian special forces backed by Liva Al-Quds have overthrown the defense of terrorists. As usual, the Anna News reporters are at the frontline.

Original news and video at http://www.anna-news.info/node/68710 (Anna News)

By the evening of November 26, this is how the map of hostilities in eastern Aleppo looked. At that moment, the forefront of the Syrian Army in Hanano district was only 1.5 kilometers away from the government forces in Suleiman al-Halyabi.

The collapse of the terrorist defense was provided by distracting attacks: to Sheikh Said from the south, to Suleiman al-Halyabi in the city center, and to the industrial zone Aueydzha in the north-east.

At this time, in highest secrecy, a powerful offensive onto the Hanano district was being prepared. The suddenness and power of artillery preparation before the offensive has broken the will of the extremists to resist. According to radio intercepts, the enemy was retreating in panic, having no prepared defense lines.

There were reports that the insurgents are preparing to use chemical weapons. But the high pace of the attack impeded such plans.

The pocket in eastern Aleppo has been posed to a danger of dissection into two parts. The success was achieved by the advancement of the Tigers Special Forces under the command of Suhel Hassan. While on 25th November the government forces had about a third of the district under their control, by the end of 26th November, Hanano was almost completely cleared from the insurgents.

In one of the district's cities, we encountered civilians who were able to flee to the Syrian soldiers. Many of them could not hold back their tears.

While airplanes are bombing nearby areas, the refugees were awaiting buses to get to the temporary shelter.

"Under the insurgents our life was unenviable. They were doing everything to make it worse for us. They were giving one piece of bread per person every two days. I had two houses: one in Hanano district, and the other in Haydaria. From Hanano we escaped. Thank God, we were met by Syrian soldiers and they helped us. I would ask all insurgents to surrender."

"My name is Shadi Halvi, I work for a government TV channel. In this building, there was an apartment of my sister. They got to know about this, and they looted the apartment and set it on fire. They keep saying that they want freedom for Syria but in reality they deceive people all the time."

"In our district, there were many groups of terrorists, but the An Nusra militants are especially memorable. They told women to wear only black clothing and to have their faces covered. And men were obliged to wear a beard. Jabhat an Nusra are bad people. They treated us awfully. Many are afraid of them and don't even come close to them. "

They also closed our school. We did not want insurgents to be in our district. But they did not ask for our permission. Those who were saying something opposing their views went immediately to prison. They were asking all the time where we were going and they were watching every our step. Thanks to the Syrian army for liberating our district.

"I still cannot believe that I am on the territory controlled by the government. The terrorists were trying to take us to other districts to use us as a human shield. We were able to escape. But many civilians were driven to the Al Fardos district. There are no hospitals or even a doctor. We have totally no medicines. Yesterday, a part of the insurgents in the Bustan Al-Riz district wanted to surrender and escape to the Sheikh Maksud, but Nusra detained them and put them in prison. In the Al-Haydaria district, they demanded to pay 100,000 liras for a permission to leave. Even for kids and seniors. Some people had to pay."

"Yesterday night, we had to sleep in the street, so that we could escape today. Look at our kids: what kind of life they have now? They had to overnight in the open. My husband was taken to prison, and I don't even know why. They said he was a supporter of the regime. I have five children left, now we are all alone, without the husband. Thanks to Syrian soldiers, they met us and helped us right away."

Right behind the road which was the main supply route to link northern and southern districts of Aleppo, is the Jabal Badr district. The Tiger Special Forces and Syrian army were continuing to clear it. These streets are still unsafe.

We saw more and more families crossing the narrow streets of Jabal Badr to escape from the insurgents.

The Tiger soldiers reached the frontline in order to cover up the exit of the civilians with their fire.

On the right side, there is a room and insurgents are firing from there.

"We are now at the Jabal Badr district. The insurgents fled, and we killed many of them. We are on the first line. The enemy is right ahead, may be 20 meters away, just across the road. In the evening, we will continue the advancement until all neighboring districts are liberated. We pray God that soon the Hassahu district is freed too."

Special Forces are being brought up to reinforce the positions and another group of civilians have been able to escape to the Syrian Army.

In the meantime more and more people were arriving. Many of them were carrying the most needed supplies on themselves.

Increasing numbers of people are leaving the Haydaria district. Buses are unable to cope with the influx of refugees so that trucks are used.

Permanent and fruitless truces are just postponing the liberation of Aleppo for long months. Representatives of the US Dept. of State have repeatedly said that it is required to separate moderate opposition from Nusra terrorists; and representatives of FSA (Free Syrian Army) should be treated as a part in negotiations. However, it is just a cover.

The inscription on the walls reads that it is an Islamic Caliphate. The entire district of Hanano is filled with flags of the Free Syrian Army, but the storages here were under control of Jabhat an Nusra. You can see a lot of accessories and literature in the storage that we have discovered together with Tiger soldiers.

After the defeat in Hanano and Jabal Badr, the events started to develop very rapidly and by 27th November we received news about the withdrawal of insurgents from northern Aleppo to the central districts of the city. According to our info, the Liva Al Quds troops have been successfully advancing in Bayaddin district. The extremists had to abandon their positions in Heluk and Bustan Al Basha. There are also reports about talks between Syrian command and insurgents about withdrawal from Haidaria district too in order to minimize the damage.


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