26 Nov 2016

Aleppo Syria: Suhel Hassan's "Tigers" are making a successful advance in Hanano district

The Tigers special forces of SAA, and local militias are successfully advancing in Aleppo on Saturday 26 November 2016. See an Anna News video about the success.

Original video of Anna News in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CJU0oEVnvA

A large-scale offensive operation continues in Aleppo to liberate its eastern part. Having faced a fierce resistance of terrorists in the industrial zone Aveydzha, the commanders had to revise the plan of attack. In this situation, an extraordinary solution was required that would confuse the extremists. And such solution was found. The "Tigers" Special Forces under command of Suhel Hassan, backed by army units, as well as Palestinian militias, have launched an unexpected offensive against the insurgents from the northwest in the direction of Aleppo city center.

In the evening of 24th November, the troops under the command of Suhel Hassan started an offensive in Hanano. By the morning, a significant part of this district was under their control. Now we are in a building that back yesterday was in the hands of the insurgents.

To the west from us, those buildings are still under control of insurgents. On the left, there are fortifications of the terrorists too. We have deeply penetrated through their defense lines. Further on, the attack will improve the success. The road from the district of al-Bridge to the district Hanano is now completely under our control. I wish that God should give us the victory, and already by the end of the day the whole district would be under our control.

The insurgents are aware of the strategic importance of this area and have already begun to hastily pull the last reinforcements into the area of the yesterday's breakthrough. In the meantime, the permanent losses of terrorists account for several dozens of men a day.

We have captured 30 buildings today. In these buildings, we eliminated about 20 insurgents.

The Hanano district is adjacent to the road that links the southern and northern areas of eastern Aleppo. By cutting this artery, government forces will hamper logistics of the insurgents, and will create a bridgehead for the dissection of the entire group of terrorists in Aleppo.

The rapid advance of government troops has not just discouraged the terrorists, but also has given civilians a chance to break free. This family took advantage of the confusion in the ranks of the retreating Islamic extremists, and was able to reach the areas which were recently liberated from the insurgents.

Suhel Hassan: Our teacher is the President Hafez Assad, we are soldiers and we protect the Syrian people. We have conscience and honor. This family will be given a place of residence, needed clothing, as well as 50,000 liras per person. This is our land, and you are Syrians, just like we are, and we are obliged to help you.


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