25 Nov 2016

Ukraine is climbing towards true democracy

Petro Poroshenko celebrated the third anniversary of the coup in Kiiv, Ukraine by pubishing an article in The Telegraph.

The original article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/24/ukraine-climbing-towards-true-democracy-need-wests-help/ The Russian translation and comments are at http://inosmi.ru/politic/20161125/238284664.html

Protesters wave the national flag during clashes with riot police in Independence Square, Kiev, February 2014

Petro Poroshenko President of Ukraine

24 November 2016 • 7:58pm

The democratic gains of the Ukrainian Revolution must be defended.

Three years ago, Ukraine was still wavering between a creeping authoritarian rule and a fading democracy. Many, including myself, looked with enthusiasm towards a groundbreaking association agreement with the EU being inked in late November 2013. Failing to meet those expectations came as a humiliation for millions of Ukrainians, who aspired for welfare, respect, and above all a definitive break with the past.

Quickly, mass protests spiraled into what we now call the Revolution of Dignity, an unrelenting display of our people’s will, that ultimately forced the bankrupt regime from power and breathed new hope into a future Ukraine that would be part of Europe.

The three years since then have not been an easy journey. One could hardly find another country in Europe, or beyond, which, whilst facing a foreign occupation, would undertake ambitious reforms from the ground up. Equally unique is our achievement of addressing both challenges simultaneously. Starting the reform process from scratch, we have gradually stopped the bleeding, especially in regards to the economic situation, thus strengthening our resilience.

Ukraine’s army is no longer weak and unprepared as it was back in 2014. Thanks to the expertise and assistance of our partners, including the US and the EU, and the bravery of the Ukrainian people, our military is now able to firmly stand its ground. Isn’t that what makes Russia’s forces in Donbass and their mercenaries nervous to the extent that they continue testing us by shelling along the contact line? Despite Ukraine’s numerous initiatives on a long-lasting ceasefire – something our military has always respected – the other side has displayed little restraint, deliberately breaking the peace and bringing more destruction and loss of life to my country.

But Russia shoots itself in the foot every time it fires a shot in Ukraine. Having started with Crimea in 2014, the Kremlin went on to target the Donbass to divert attention from its blatant violations of international law. Concealing the truth may work for a short while, but not forever. This November in New York, the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee decided against Russia’s lies in a draft resolution on human rights in Crimea. Upholding international law is not easy, but it is a solid and legitimate path. With this resolution to recognize Russia as an occupying power and Crimea as Ukraine’s territory under temporary occupation (not annexation!), we are preparing the ground for an imminent de-occupation of the peninsula. As stated back in 2014, we will bring Crimea back into Ukraine not by means of war, but by peace. And, most importantly, by example.
Ukrainian soldiers during a ceasefire outside Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine Credit: Max Black/AP Photo
Ukraine has everything necessary for the latter, because our journey to European-style democracy has now passed a point of no return. We have held free and fair national and local elections. We have stabilised our economy against the double shock created by instability and war. We have cleaned up our banking system to bring back macro-economic stability. We have uprooted energy dependence on Russia. Indeed, for the first time in history, we have not bought a single cubic meter of gas from Russia in over a year. We have also established a new police and done away with the previous force, which for years has been notorious for corruption. We have made public procurement transparent under a new innovative system.

With millions of dollars saved, we are even starting to win Ukraine’s fight against corruption. For years, fed by Russia’s example and resources, this corruption became a weapon against Ukraine’s interests. In my opinion, there is nothing more effective than a resilient, transparent and vibrant political system. This is why we established our new anti-corruption e-declarations system in October. As a result of this mandatory process – the most advanced in the world – more than 103.000 officials, including myself, submitted their declarations of assets for full public scrutiny. By 2017, the number of e-declarations will multiply to more than 300.000 officials, removing every avenue to concealing corrupt activities.
Nationalist activists burn tires in Kiev on the third anniversary of the Euromaidan protests
As we commemorate the third anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, we are committed to continue on this path – however challenging it might be. After all, Ukrainians are the most euro-optimistic people. That is why a Ukrainian success story will also be a success story for the EU and beyond. In this effort, the continued backing of our partners is critical, be it for the swift ratification of the association agreement, visa free travel with the EU, political and financial assistance to Ukraine, or maintaining the sanctions policy against Russia.

Doing proper justice to the principles and sprit of the Revolution of Dignity, our partnership and solidarity with our Western partners needs to endure. Nothing would advance Ukraine’s reform efforts more successfully – and nothing would be more effective in deterring those who try to undermine us.



"Failing to meet those expectations came as a humiliation for millions of Ukrainians"

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Humiliation for Ukrainians is when Ukrainians kill other Ukrainians for super-profits of Americans like illiterate savages [in a colony]...

Invalid informationny voyny

"One could hardly find another country in Europe or beyond which, whilst facing a foreign occupation, would undertake ambitious reforms from the ground up"

Isn't he going to get sick [from his own words]? It will take at least 20-30 years for them now to reach back to this zero "ground" level.


Failing to meet those expectations came as a humiliation for millions of Ukrainians

Oh, really!!! Haven't you tried to work, for a difference? Something like digging, planting, making details of metal!!! How can you believe in a magic wand? Putting your squiggles on a piece of paper and that's it, done?...


intuzazist, Well, now they feel aspired, not humiliated. After three years, all their well-being achieved. Why would they need to work?



Ukraine is committed to true democracy, but we need the help of the West ...

Surprising is only one thing: how come they are not fed up with the completely empty and meaningless word "democracy"? In the current world, after all democratic bombings, with hundreds of thousands of victims, any decent person should shy away from this word like from a plague. And they again are talking about "democracy"! It seems to me that even a parrot when it talks still understands some of what it says. And these ones are even more stupid than a parrot.

Dmitry S

Yes, yes, [let's move] to democracy Ukrainian-style. Where your opponents are killed in broad daylight. Where people are impoverished, and the private fortune of Poroshenko which is located, among other countries, in Russia, is growing [reference to Lipezk (Russia) Confectionary Plants belonging to Poroshenko]. That type of "democracy" is well described in the documentary "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver Stone.


I have just watched "Ukraine On Fire". Thanks to Oliver Stone. [the documentary was shown on Russian RenTV channel.]


"... We now call the Revolution of dignity ..."

You have no dignity: you were, like illiterate Indians, played by the Americans one against another and now you have a colony with a governor, the US ambassador, deciding everything for you, and the President of yours, this Fuchs from "Plunder and Flee Inc." [reference to a person from famous Russian novel "Golden Calf" who was a phony director in numerous fraudulent companies], and the destiny of yours is unworthy: to beg for visas and money... When you were building DnieproGES [Dnepr Energy Station, built in 1932] then you had the dignity, because it was a promising [future]... and today, the Revolution of Dignity is just a whim of your overseas puppeteers; the mayor of Kiev, Odessa Province Governor are all thieves and gangsters, not to mention the president and the others. In the old times, "in a decent secular society", they would not have been invited even as servants, no dignity or decency is expected from them even by their puppeteers...

U nas est dengi, no vy derjites

Well said. What a text, what words!

All this needs an ending: "the West will help us!" [reference to Russian novel "Golden Calf" where money were fraudulently collected to overthrow the Soviet regime under this slogan]


"... we are committed to continue on this path – however challenging it might be."

All of the text in just one phrase: the ship is floating; the rats are running away...


Mwahaha )))))))))))))))))) I love news about Ukraine)


Gibberish and nonsense said by a drunken bum from railway station, in the intervals between trains, from which he is begging.


We have uprooted energy dependence on Russia. Indeed, for the first time in history, we have not bought a single cubic meter of gas from Russia in over a year.

Using what money!?


Stepa_Dyada, he is talking about the fact that Slovakia is buying gas from Russia and sells it to Ukraine and the "non-Russian gas" is a part of the Ukrainian dignity... In the end, everybody is well-off: the Russians sold the gas, Slovakia received a commission from resale, and Ukraine received the over-priced gas.


In the end, Ukraine and Russia are two parts of one whole. We can say it is almost one family. And if you have a family quarrel and problems (because of yourself), then this is not an excuse to run and complain to a neighboring cannibal. He will eat you all after all. And it is only the sequence who would be the first.



It is funny to hear this from this billionaire that he is against corruption, which he himself has been actually fuelling for more than 20 years. When I visited Ukraine, this guy was with the Regions [the party of former president Yanukovitch who was removed from power by the Maidan coup] and with them he was building their party, and now he is a freedom fighter, and the only money-bag in Ukraine who increased his wealth during the crisis.


" After all, Ukrainians are the most euro-optimistic people."

And this nonsense is published by a British edition! :)

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