22 Nov 2016

From dawn till dusk with Al-Quds, Aleppo, Syria

Anna News reports from Aleppo, Syria. One day of war with the Al-Quds Brigade.

Original video (in Russian) at http://www.anna-news.info/node/68271

At dawn, the former industrial zone Aueydzha is again filled with sounds of the battle. Behind these densely built areas, rises of the eastern part of Aleppo are located. Here, fighters of the "Al-Quds" brigade have stumbled upon a well-prepared defense of the terrorist. In this sector, the enemy snipers impede further progress, causing casualties in the brigade. The last 10 days were all alike. During the day, the main activity was to detect and suppress sniper positions using all available weapons, and at night, terrorists were refitting their firing points and bringing up reinforcements to the frontline. The warring sides are separated by an open field, and breaking through it will force the enemy to leave the position.

The loss of these positions would mean that the insurgents will have to give up one more district, Bayiddin, where they are now likely to hastily prepare a new defense line, because next to it there is the living shield of the terrorists, the residential areas of the Eastern Aleppo.

And the closer are the pro-government forces to them, the more likely that the hungry and despaired civilians, who are now trying to take by force the food storages of the insurgents, will have less obedience, and will try to break out of the area, which, ultimately, may lead to a large scale riot.

After suppressing the firing points of the enemy and artillery preparation, the fighters of Al-Quds are starting an offensive on the right flank. On the left, another group is preparing to a spurt through the field.

"The insurgents, they are simply used to reinforce several spots in order to preserve control over a greater area, Kotlomak, these areas, for themselves. They have a mansion here, on the right side, in houses and in a mansion. As soon as we take those houses and the mansion, it will be easier for us to go to the left side, and capture the entire area. Now our guys went there, the mansion was taken, one of ours was wounded and one was killed, and God help us this time, and Allah be with us so that today we capture this entire area, and then to the next victory."

The Al Quds Brigade and Syrian Army are taking an offensive on Bayaddin, we have been able to capture several buildings and a factory in this district, now we are fighting for the Bayaddin cross-roads, and we will continue the offensive until we liberate all districts of Aleppo.

Many our men were killed, but we promise that we will liberate all districts of the city, and all its residents who are kept hostage by the insurgents in the Eastern part.


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