21 Nov 2016

Poland is ready to place restitution lawsuits in Ukraine

Poland is preparing lawsuits to claim property in Ukraine that once belonged to the Polish ancestors.

Translation of article and Russian comments from http://inosmi.ru/social/20161119/238244157.html

During one year, materials for 1,600 lawsuits were prepared

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In Poland, lawsuits have been prepared for the submission to the courts of Lutsk and Ternopol; first two cases are coming from the descendants of Polish owners of estates on the territory which now belongs to Ukraine. Two more lawsuits are arriving to be applied in Kiev and Kharkov. Polish citizens are going to use the right of restitution, according to Polish edition Prawica.

Restitution (from Latin of restitutio - Recovery) in international law is a form the material compensation for damages resulting from an illegal international act by restoring the state of affairs that existed before it was put in force. It may be carried out in various ways.

"These cases are based on well-saved documents" said Conrad Renkas, chairman of the Association of Kresovyaks (Polish who once lived on the lands of Western Ukraine - ed.).

According to him, the demands of the plaintiffs are different: someone wants compensation for the use of the property, others claim a payment for damages from lost profits due to the confiscation of production facilities, and the third ones simply seek to reclaim their ancestral lands.

Among the properties that are claimed by the Polish are houses, dozens of hectares of land, and even a copper mine in the Kharkov region which is estimated at half a million dollars.

In total, the organization of Conrad Renkas prepared 1,600 claims for restitution during one year.

"All these law actions were made possible due to the end of the moratorium on land trade in Ukraine on 1st January 2017 and the removal by the European Commission of restrictions on the ownership of land in foreign countries" writes the newspaper.

As was reported by Korrespondent.net, Poland wants to participate in the negotiations on Ukraine. This was announced by Ian Peklo, the Polish Ambassador to Ukraine. According to him, resolving the conflict in Donbas without neighboring countries such as Poland is impossible.


15:19 19.11.2016 | 23


That's the end of 404 [Russian slang for Ukraine, as their emblem, a trident that looks like number 404, also a reference to Web error 404 "Page not found"]. The Polaks did a great job in circumventing you. With Yanyk [former president of Ukraine, Yanukovich] they could not even dare to think about it. Let them continue to jump [reference to meetings of Ukrainian nationalists where they jump and yell], after some time, Hungarians and Romanians will decide to organize something [similar].

20:24 19/11/2016


flightnavigator, and there was also Livonia. That's where the fun begins.

15:22 19.11.2016 | 19


"In Poland, we are ready to make claims for restitution in Ukraine." (c)

- Yes, no question ... but only in the western part, and the East, it's not yours!

15:34 19/11/2016


Polish brothers will take what they think is theirs. The family will not become poorer.

15:38 19/11/2016


vichr88, they will not disdain to lay their hands on someone else's [property] too.

15:43 19/11/2016


0ncnjqybr, there is no such thing as someone else's [property] in the EU, that is what this association was for

15:37 19.11.2016 | 3


Seven with a spoon, one with a dunce cap.

15:40 19.11.2016 | 2

Stepan, Uncle

As Korrespondent.net reported, Poland wants to participate in the negotiations on Ukraine. This was announced by Ian Peklo, the Polish Ambassador to Ukraine. According to him, resolving the conflict in Donbas without neighboring countries such as Poland, is impossible.

-------------------------------------------------- -----

Therefore, we must return everything. Well, similar to what Russia did with the Crimea.

15:45 19.11.2016 | 18


The first act of restitution was the return of Russian Crimea.

15:53 19.11.2016 | -24


Ukrainian laws prohibit restitution. This issue was addressed in the Ukraine at the beginning of independence and was completely closed by the Verkhovna Rada: any restitution is prohibited. And Korrespondent.net is being accused to be pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian provocation in Ukraine.

16:08 19.11.2016 | 17


AlfaCentavra1, Korrespondent.net stated only the facts, rather than its "pro-Russian" fudge. From these facts, it follows that the Poles want to get their back. And because you signed association with the EU should be that the Poles have the right to restitution.

16:08 19.11.2016 | -9


I remember a Russian politician Zhirinovsky also wanted a restitution as his grandfather once owned a sawmill and furniture factory in Zhitomir region. He still wants restitution, after almost 15 years.

16:12 19/11/2016


AlfaCentavra1, you have not signed an agreement with Zhirinovsky, but you have signed it with the EU (Poland among them) now get prepared to be disemboweled, they have centuries of experience of doing this.

17:06 19/11/2016


AlfaCentavra1, Alfik the time will come. have some patience..

16:10 19.11.2016 | 19


AlfaCentavra1, I never would have thought that the word "Ukrainian" and the word "laws" can be used in the same sentence, and in a row, and not as an example of a very funny satire.

I understand that you are also occupying now someone's apartment, of a Polish or someone else's one? So, start to pack things now, "independent", as nothing depends on you anymore, you have jumped enough!

16:15 19/11/2016


Alexxandro, the main law over there is "and why should we be treated like this too?" [reference to a Russian joke about Ukrainians]

16:19 19/11/2016


Alexxandro, no, Alf resides in a Soviet one [apartment]. A reasonable thinking would be now to leave the totalitarian occupants-built apartment, and demolish the house.

16:29 19.11.2016 | -13


I remember back when the President of Ukraine was Kravchuk, the World Jewish Congress wanted to have restitution from Ukraine. They still want the restitution and Jews had more property than the Polaks.

In addition, there is a basic legal principle: the laws are not retroactive. I will explain this principle on an example: a law adopted in 2014 cannot annul decisions made in accordance to the laws 50 or 90 years ago.

I may be opposed that there was the restitution in some Baltic states. So they did not recognize the Soviet Union and its laws, those days were considered as occupation. In Ukraine, the Soviet era is not legally considered to be occupation, and hence the decisions adopted according to the laws at that time are still legal.

16:39 19/11/2016


AlfaCentavra1, and the legitimate president was overthrown under the Soviet law?

and Nazis were led to power under the Soviet law?

and people burned to death and beaten to death in Odessa under the Soviet law?

and in Novorossia, children and women are killed under the Soviet law?

The law in the Ruina [slang word for Ukraine. Ruina is a ruined territory, wreckage of a building, reference to similar pronunciation of Ukraine (Ukraina) in Russian] was denounced with the first murdered law enforcer and the first thrown Molotov cocktail.

Forget about the law as you have neither law nor the state.

and prepare for eviction, Restitution is at your door. It is going to ring your door bell.

16:48 19/11/2016

Conservative reactionary

AlfaCentavra1, whining hoholik [reference to Hohol, a slang name for a Ukrainian in Russian], started to cover up [himself] with laws. What, do you sense the arrival of the white fluffy northern beast [reference to Arctic Fox, which is called PESETS in Russian; it sounds very close to the obscene word PIZDETS meaning a complete and total failure, catastrophe or misfortune; arrival of an arctic fox means an advent of a terrible event] to Ruina - Nenka [Mother Ukraine]?

16:48 19/11/2016

kaa 3

AlfaCentavra1, I would explain for people who are lame under the hat. Restitution in the Baltic States, and Czechoslovakia, etc. was done because they were obliged to do it to join the EU.

And Ukraine adopted such relevant laws even without a single prospect to ever join the EU. So if you live in an old house, which was owned by someone before the war, you should await surprises.

16:57 19/11/2016


AlfaCentavra1, you should at least have read what you were signing. Restitution after 1991 was held in the Czech Republic, even though it was never occupied. And it was held there, because the Czech Republic was going to join the EU and pledged to comply with all EU rules, including the rule of "sanctity" of the private property. But the Polaks insisted that restitution may only apply to citizens of Poland, and the EU agreed with them. You did not negotiate this, so get prepared. Jews will get you sooner or later. It would be very surprising if it does not happen.

17:27 19/11/2016

Krymchanin from Lithuania

Take off your pants, the elder brother is coming back.

20:16 19/11/2016


AlfaCentavra1, in 2004 Ukraine did not yet sign an association agreement with the EU. Feel the difference.

20:54 19/11/2016



In addition, there is a basic legal principle: the laws are not retroactive. I will explain this principle on an example: a law adopted in 2014 cannot annul decisions made in accordance to the laws 50 or 90 years ago.

Silly [friend], this is a basic principle of criminal law only, and it means quite a different thing: if an act was announced a crime, you still cannot condemn those who committed such acts before the announcement.

And your "explanation" is idiocy. Under your logic you are a slave. For the law prohibiting slavery cannot, according to your explanation, abolish slavery. Because it was adopted later.

6:17 11/20/2016


AlfaCentavra1, so you are also an anti-Semite?

17:04 19.11.2016 | 4

kaa 3

AlfaCentavra1, because Korrespondent.net is accused in Ukraine of being pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian provocation.

-------------------------------------------------- -----

This accusation is applied to anyone whose opinion differs from the opinion of zealous nationalists. Just look who makes the accusation.

It does not even help that Korrespondent.net is quite a nationalistic resource.

18:42 19.11.2016 | 3

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

AlfaCentavra1, remember as they treated Yanukovych, who wanted only to postpone the signing of the association.

Now the West has all the cards. They will find a way to force [you], through a suspension of the visa-free regime or delay the credits or will confiscate property in the West belonging to the defiant [country]. Laws of Ukraine are changing by wave of a finger. All your whims are directed only against Russia,


19:42 19.11.2016 | 5


AlfaCentavra1, "Ukrainian laws prohibit restitution"


The worse it is for the Ukrainian laws.



6:17 11/20/2016


Zwaan, no law will be affected, it will not even be noticed.

19:58 19.11.2016 | 5


AlfaCentavra1, did you sign the otsosiatsia [distorted 'association', refers to a Russian word 'otsos' - a blowjob] with the EU? You better think now what you will give to the Polaks now? And your country is poor, what to give? Given that your independence and honor you have given away for nothing.))

20:33 19.11.2016 | 2



Ukrainian laws prohibit restitution

oh, really)))

but who cares about Ukrainian laws)))) to receive a loan of 700 million they will change them in a second)))

and about the Korrespondent.net being accused in Ukraine as a pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian provocation." All of them are such, you just have not exposed them all)))

15:57 19.11.2016 | 18


Well, son? Did your Polaks help you? [reference to Taras Bulba, novella by Nikolai Gogol, 19th century Russian/Ukrainian writer]

16:36 19.11.2016 | 3


Somehow nobody is shouting "dyakuyu" ['thanks' in Polish and Ukrainian], it's an initiative of Polish friends in Europe.

16:42 19.11.2016 | 2


a failed country without a nation, a divided people will go to oblivion soon

16:45 19.11.2016 | 7

Konservativny reakzioner

In Poland, they prepare claims for restitution in Ukraine


Hto ne skachE, tot moskal! [slogan of Ukrainian nationalists, literally 'The one who is not jumping, is a Moskal (Ukrainian slang word for Russian)']

You wanted it - you got it. Now Ukraine is not part of a single strong [country], and now they will start to bite pieces off you - as much as they can.

And you know what? I would buy some honey and I will drink tea and watch your convulsions. No condescension and compassion for traitors!

16:58 19.11.2016 | 10


As it turns out, Ukraine will not be divided by the Horde and the Buryats [reference to names often given by Ukrainians to Russians], but the Europeans, and in strict accordance with the law. ... As they say, a goof is not a mammoth, he will never die out. ... You were waiting for the invader from the wrong direction.

18:54 19.11.2016 | 3

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

Valiadis, that was the plan. The Americans arrive in Kiev, the Polaks arrive in apartments and estates, and Russia would be the occupier and aggressor. And the uporoty [Russian slang for the extremely zealous Ukrainian nationalists] were not informed. So they keep standing with unpacked lace underwear [reference to a famous photo from Maidan 2014], naked in the wind with the belief in the imminent visa free regime. But Europe will only want those who have at least 5000 euros or a contract for washing toilets (picking strawberries or prostitution).

17:07 19.11.2016 | 1


As I recall, the Baltic states have already passed through this. You should not have been hopping and rather should think what it was all about: you know where you find free cheese and it has slammed shut now!

17:15 19.11.2016 | -12


Honestly, I feel sorry for the Hohols [slang for Ukrainians], they cannot overcome the Soviet upbringing (but they are trying very hard). They need to be just saved, absorbed [by us]. Liberastnya [liberals] will whine, uporotye [slang for most zealous nationalists in Ukraine] will leave, and again we will put this burden on our shoulders, as they are our brothers...

17:45 19.11.2016 | 3



We should not take on any burden, we shall take regions with non-jumping hardworking Russian population which would vote for the entry into Russian Federation, the Polaks should not receive anything, it is better to have a few dwarf countries like the Baltic republics gnawing among themselves

17:51 19/11/2016


Graz, and this will not work. All or nothing. Otherwise, what is the difference from the freeloaders? First we get all, then selection and sorting. Only in this sequence. Along the way, [we shall] forgive all the debts that they could owe to the West (as in 1917).

18:15 19.11.2016 | 5


Ed1985, well, you can personally (for a start) use your personal budget and forgive all the debts of a specific "Hohol", pay such debts at the expense of your family and elderly parents, and then give such advice.

18:25 19/11/2016


Iz SPB, you should read carefully about the debt. I am just saying that we should not recognize their debts to the West. Let them try to recover those debts from specific personalities - Yatsyk [former prime-minister Yatzenuk], the Pig [current president Poroshenko], and Sashko-biliy [a Ukrainian extremist who became known for violent attacks on pre-Maidan authorities and who was killed under suspicious circumstances].

And I would not recommend you to assume the role of a person giving advice. Just 40 million disoriented people by our side, in a ruined state (not to mention the connections that exist between us) - even cynically (pragmatically) speaking it is still our problem. And I assure you, we cannot get around problem. Therefore, it is needed to be resolved, and on our own terms.

18:36 19/11/2016


Ed1985, it is clear, that you are not personally ready to resolve this "problem" and you are proposing to deal with it by the abstract "us". I do not know about various kinds of "pigs" and "Yatsyk" and "bilyh", the slang, apparently, from your native place, here they are not common.

So get engage in your own families problems, and do not place your problems onto us.

There are many Ukrainians scattered in different countries, and for sure all are very fond of their homeland, and if there is love, they must be ready to pay for such a high feeling.

18:45 19/11/2016


Iz SPB, do not get hurt so much! I did not think that there were still reserves in which the said characters are unknown. Moreover, I am from Saint Petersburg, but your post shows either a very specific circle of your habitat, or (more likely) you wish to take a mentoring position.

So, the Hohols are a problem of Russia, and I call it our problem because I do not separate myself from my country.

19:03 19/11/2016


Ed1985, My God, isn't it too much honoring to your "Pigs" of different species? To know them, sympathize, empathize and be outraged? Frankly, we are already fed up with this: because of your forty or so "hataskraynikov" [slang for Ukrainians, who prefer not to interfere in any politics] with their Euro-Maidan, our people and the state are having problems?

If you like to sledge, you must be ready to pull the sleigh too, or if you like to sing songs [said in Ukrainian] in St. Petersburg, then you must be ready to help your family in Ukraine.

19:12 19/11/2016

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

Iz SPB, in 10-25 years, when the US overcomes its crisis, it will start to mold the final Russophobic population country such as South Korea, whose main objective will be the destruction of Moscow and the "return" of their land up to the Ural Mountains. Tell me, in the 90s did you already foresee the current events? Based on the historical experience of the past century with Weimar Germany, where the situation was worse than in Ukraine, you know what grew out of that. And despite all the hatred towards of the Anglo-Saxons, they came to us. Just because there was a split in the Communist International, where German Communists were quite influential. But European Marxists did not want blood (as in Russia), and have paid for that. And they were hoping till the last moment that the German people would overthrow Hitler. The West never attacks when they are weak, they are just stalling for a while and portray themselves as a victim (save us, we are being raped!), And when the advantage is on their side, they would attack brazenly and brutally as in the Donbas: having demanded from Putin that he would not use troops and therefore hoped to suppress the resistance in a few days; when this plan failed, they began to accuse Russia. And how about Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya? You do not have weapons of mass destruction and the means to counter aggression? "Then we come to you!" What about the Maidan? As soon as a guarantee by Yanukovych not to use force was signed, the extremists have intensified and began to burn and kill law enforcement officers, while the Western human rights offices were silent and so was the Western press (the triumph of democracy with Molotov cocktails, creativity of liberated masses).


19:26 19/11/2016

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

Ed1985, I agree with you. We must not pay attention to the screams, while there is something that can be replayed.

Svidomy [Ukrainian nationalists] do not want a frozen conflict themselves, so much the worse for them. The CIA have been to Kiev, now it is the turn of GRU [Russian Military Intelligence] to restore order and human rights. [Convening] an International Tribunal in Kyiv and Lviv, accusing former sponsors (Obama, Clinton, Nuland, Merkel, Hollande, Polish Russophobes). With the participation of China, India and the United States, will be chaired by the US dictator Trump, they will decide on harsh sentences to international terrorists. Unchained Ukraine shall not be joined to the Russian Federation, but rather left a pro-Russian country. And then it comes to Poland, with preservation of borders and their membership in the EU. And it will not be annexation, but rather a promotion of Russian democracy. And it is not against America, but for the pro-Russian EU.

19:33 19/11/2016


Chtob Ya Tak Jil, Unfortunately, this view is not gaining support. Probably I could not find the right catchy words. Everything is so much in a hurry, no time to think about the situation from different points of view. But it makes me especially unhappy when you consider a problem exclusively from the point of view of money. Haggling is booming! But that is exactly what our "partners" are trying to implant here. My opinion is the same: the problems in Ukraine are Russian problems. Not to understand this means to bury our heads in the sand. And most importantly, it's not a financial problem, but rather the problem of self-identity in this world!

19:36 19.11.2016 | 1


Ed1985, you ... are you helping your family in Ukraine? Or you have the same hope as many of your fellow citizens in different countries, singing songs about their Beloved Mother Ukraine (with fingers crossed in their pockets), the fact that some "goofs" will arrange life [for them] with self-contemplation and other pleasant things?

21:09 19/11/2016


Iz SPB, I have no relatives in Ukraine. When I pay my taxes, I do not divide them: this part for medicine, this to the Crimea, and this to be spent on the deputies. I pay taxes to the government and want it to pursue a policy in my best interest. Get Hohlandia back [the country of Hohols, slang for Ukraine] it's in my best interest. And yours too, if you are a patriot of your country. And get them back does not mean that I encourage to be paying for them. They (in the long run we too) need to return the correct guidelines, downed by the Western propaganda and belief in "100 varieties of free sausages."

19:50 19/11/2016


Ed1985, "kiss my ass, kiss my ass" kids were screaming.

20:09 19/11/2016


Ed1985, I do not know why you feel so sorry for those Ukrainians? A case that I had: I hired a Hohol, gave him a decent salary, but he seems to be under-qualified for it, it seems I was wrong. But he has the audacity to ask for more. Now I think to cut the salary two times. And other Hohols: they are far from being my relatives and have never been, so let them do what they want.

20:58 19/11/2016


mugruslan, imagine a situation: all have turned away from Ukrainians, everything fell apart, and a cold winter came. I would ask you to answer a simple question: Are you ready to freeze 40 million of morons who wanted to put you and me on the Gilyak [Gallows], so that they should blame themselves? My opinion is that they should be forced to return to the right path, despite the cries of hagglers (saying that it is expensive) and all sorts of Liberals (kind of human rights etc.). And it is the duty of Russia to bring them back. Not just a wish, not a benefit (God forbid), but an obligation!

23:01 19/11/2016


Ed1985, sympathy to 40 million of idiots does you honor. But you should not exaggerate. They are well able to pay for the minimum required amount of fuel to keep warm. The fact that they buy our same gas, but from Europe, which at the end is almost two times more expensive than the one that is delivered them Russia, this is absurd. A vast majority of Ukrainians are not opposed to this. So far they have not asked us for help. Where do you want to bring Ukraine back? They were wearing their embroidered shirts demonstratively back at the congresses of the Soviet Union. The majority of Ukrainians now sincerely believe that they are freezing and starving but are very happy.

However, you can try to force them to get back on the right path. Try. It is your duty. Work with the Ukrainians in the network, you can go there as a volunteer, to call for friendship with Russia.

Give an example. Gather like-minded people. And so far these are just words.

6:27 11/20/2016


Ed1985, Pitying them? Are you serious.... Look at Genichensk [city in Ukraine]: out of pity [we] gave them gas supplies and they continue to pour the mud onto the giver (not all of course, but more than a half). We have enough problems at our home.

17:28 19/11/2016

Retro Grad

Look at this!

No-visa regime has not been given yet, and the land is already taken!

Where a poor peasant [in Ukrainian] can go?

17:28 19.11.2016 | 1

Krymchanin from Lithuania

And they will soon come and make you recall the Volhynia [a region where mass killings of local Popish civil population were organized by Ukrainian nationalists in 1943].

19:32 19/11/2016

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

Krymchanin from Lithuania, this is a hook for the future. Volhynia is a symbol of hatred, it is desired that the svidomye [Ukrainian nationalists] were swollen with hatred to the Polaks; and the latter have long ago been swollen with hatred towards Bandar-logs [slang Russian for Ukrainian nationalists, reference to their leader Bandera]. The Nazis have everything built on hatred and the desire to kill, and mutual hatred unites, against a common enemy - Russia, exactly as the sponsor wanted.

18:10 19.11.2016 | 9


Yes, I remember visiting guest consultants from the United States, the Baltic States and Poland were shouting for an independent Ukraine. They circumvented Ukrainians like suckers. Russians were bad, they demanded nothing and even supplied free gas. But the good Polaks, for the sake of propriety, could not even wait: now they say give us back what is ours and what is yours is also ours. Ukrainians found new brothers for themselves. They had it coming, idiots.

18:16 19.11.2016 | 4


happy for Ukrainians, Europe has come to them.

18:22 19.11.2016 | 2


Well Ukry [Russian slang for Ukrainians], have hopped to this outcome. A third of Ukraine was Poland once. So give it back and do not sin.

18:34 19.11.2016 | 1


zm, I wish, there are also Romanians and Hungarians waiting in the queue. The fun is going to be breath-taking.

4:36 11/20/2016


yudebolshevik, so I say: a third of Austria-Hungarian Empire, a third of Poland, and the last third of Russia. The remainder is the Ukraine.

20:02 19.11.2016 | -1



That's how I like the Putriots [Russian liberal slang for patriots supporting Putin, merging two words Patriot Putin]. Just give them a bait article...

Through war. Only through a war ...

18:26 19/11/2016

Chtob Ya Tak Jil

The Maidan heads will gladly agree to this scenario, only to burn bridges (their bags have already been collected [to flee away]). It's like when Gaidar and Chubais [Russian liberal reformers back in the 90s] ranted that they would pay extra to foreign purchasers, as long as there was no turning back (to socialism). They run from Russia with their pants falling, scumbags. Liberal is a xenophobe, an enemy of society, by definition, they spit on the people, they only think about their own good.

19:30 19.11.2016 | 1


No wonder that the IMF loan to Ukraine was imposed .. they knew in advance how the EU will collect the debt.

19:59 19/11/2016



What has the IMF's to do with the EU?

Comparatively speaking, this is like soft and salty ..

19:58 19.11.2016 | 2

N 99

Restitution is a small step, the main thing was stated in the paragraph before the last one.

The society that discarded its human form, will be treated like cattle in its pastures.

20:28 19.11.2016 | 1


In one year, materials for 1,600 claims have been prepared

The will be 160,000 more of those, Glory to Ukraine [a slogan of Ukrainian nationalists])))

20:30 19.11.2016 | 1


Said Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Ian Peklo. According to him, the resolution of the conflict in Donbas without neighboring countries such as Poland, is impossible.

he must have said this in the Rada [Ukrainian Parliament], at their session, or directly to the face of Pedaliy The Chrysostom [reference to the Mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko, who has been often mocked for his twists of the tongue]

20:40 19/11/2016


The rip-off (meaning decay) of the 404 [slang for Ukraine] began in 1991. Restitution is one of the elements of the half-life period. And the screams of some sorts of alpha-beta, God forgive me, centaurs [reference to nicknames of forum users], have zero value and in terms of public opinion mean zero. The main thing are the claims. They (the above mentioned alpha-beta) are shlyotsyki (in Polish, an underage hooligan).

21:49 19/11/2016


Yes, the consulting services in Poland are expensive. And the cost you have to pay for friendship with the Polaks, I would say nothing. God forbid to have such friends, no enemies would be needed.

But if the Polaks file such lawsuits and win ... then why our land owners do not submit claims to Ukraine? Well, for example, on what basis what was built by the Soviet Union became the property of Ukraine? And why did not Ukraine looked well after this property (Russia is a legal successor of the USSR, if you forgot), and why did they give this property for looting? Where is the certificate of acceptance and hand-over?

22:23 19.11.2016 | 1


I'm one eighth Polish: my great-grandfather was Brzezinski by name.

Now I think it is time to look for property in Ukraine and to file a claim.

Because right now there is some Hohol Svidomy [Ukrainian ultra-nationalist] in the house of my great-grandfather, and he is enjoying all of my property, stealing my gas, eating carrots from my garden, and at the same time he is defaming me as Moskal (Russian).

This really hurts, you know?

22:36 19.11.2016 | 1


Pandora box was opened by Ukrainians ...

00:05 11/20/2016


The Polaks shall chill out, Russia will protect sovereign rights of Ukraine. Like in a rhyme "I'm always protecting my girlfriend Lidia, I will not let anyone to insult her, but if I really want I will batter her myself"

06:10 20.11.2016 | 1


In one year, materials for 1,600 claims have been prepared

OOOOh, well done, Polaks, and I was expecting this to start ...... Again the hand of the Kremlin, Putin persuaded the polenya [slang for Polaks] ....


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