10 Nov 2016

Latvia Loses Plants Due To Russian Crisis

Latvian industry is surviving without Russian market. See examples of two plants, a perfume producer and a locomotive repairs plant, in attempt to gain government funding to compensate for loss of markets.

Based on reprint at http://inosmi.ru/economic/20161101/238109823.html , original article in Russian at http://www.bbc.com/russian/features-37800835

Riga, Latvia. As many as two companies have found themselves in a difficult situation due to the loss of the Russian markets. And while the Dzintars perfume factory seeks a remedy through conducting mass actions in social networks, the Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant will need a government intervention.
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Without Russia

Dzintars is one of the largest Latvian companies, widely known outside the country. However, in recent years, its financial results have been far from success. The problem was in the Russian markets.

"The problems began [during the crisis] in 2008, including in Russia", says Ilya Gerchikov, CEO of the company, to BBC Russian Service. "Then we lost a lot of money. We are not leaving this market, but it is extremely unprofitable. The situation worsened with the currency crisis."

According to the CrediWeb Register, the company's turnover fell significantly in 2012. They were demonstrating no profits for a long time, however, in 2014 the losses were not just hundreds of thousands, but almost 1.5 million euros, whereas in 2015 the figure exceeded 2.5 million euros.

The statements of the factory indicate that at the moment Dzintars has paid off all debts except for the tax debts, which still comprises 3.2 million euros.

As a result, the company voluntarily requested the court to begin the process of legal protection. If the court grants the permission, the creditors represented by the state will not be able to initiate insolvency proceedings and will have to wait for payment.

"The debt was accumulating at Dzintars for years. Accumulation of losses in Eastern markets is not the best strategy. We are now at the final stage of the process. We are talking about a world-class product that could be present in those markets where it is now not available for whatever reason"- says Yury Spiridonov, Adviser to the Minister of Finance.

In the Latvian Ministry of Finance there are some who believe that the potential problems are caused by the company's [poor] management and marketing strategies. At the Dzintars, they believe that there are no problems with marketing, but there are problems with the search for new markets, which are so much desired in the conditions where CIS markets are falling.

Now, the company expects to receive a postponement of payment. "We have a marketing strategy, we know that 2015 and 2016 we are going to be at loss, and in 2018 will achieve profits" - says Ilya Gerchikov, company's CEO. In the nearest future Dzintars plans to release a new product line which they are going to sell in new markets, such as Arabic countries.

"Over the last 15 years there has been a confusion of concepts: instead of high-quality products people prefer to buy a nice packaging. We are fundamentally opposed to such policies, " - he continues. And then, he adds, customers deserve to know that "they can get a bio- or eco- product or have a [detrimental] result on their face." However, it is hard to conteract the trends of fashion.

As it turns out, however, it is quite possible. Immediately after it became known that the company is asking to launch the process of legal protection, a social media campaign was launched to "help save the Dzintars". Residents of the country, seemingly, in large numbers, went to the stores to buy skin creams of this brand, and then publish product photos in social networks.

"It turned out, people care about us" - says Gerchikov. As a result, he said, sales increased two to three times. It is still unclear whether this will help save the company, but such cases have been unprecedented in the modern history of Latvia.

The Largest Employer

The Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant is in a different situation: financial investments of absolutely different scale are needed.

The company is the largest factory in the region providing major repairs for railway rolling stock.

Only six months ago, it was called also the largest private employer in Daugavpils, the second largest city in the country with the highest percentage of Russian-speaking population. For extremely depressed region, its thousand jobs means a lot.

However, due to the difficult economic situation in the summer, the company announced the dismissal of 432 employees, that is, nearly a half. A few months later the plant reported about new problems: its bank refused to soften lending terms, as a result, the company is forced to ask for support from the government, at this moment, in the form of state guarantees for the bank. This means that if the plant goes bankrupt tomorrow, the debts will have to be paid by the state treasury.

Accodring to statements from the plant, the situation is described as critical. The Minister of Finance Dana Reizniece-Ozola recognizes: the company employs a lot of people, and for the region it is difficult to create new jobs. "This factor imposes an emotional and moral obligation on the government to seek solutions", - she added. However, the Minister is skeptical about the state guarantees.

According to her adviser, Yury Spiridonov, skepticism is associated with a negative experience that has been seen from providing state guarantees at all. Not long ago, the government had to pay for the loan amounting to tens of millions of euros for "Liepaja Metallurgist", another large company which faced a crisis and suspended production. A similar situation was observed in the Latvian hospitals that were unable to cope with their loans.

"We do not have materials for the assessment, we need a business plan. It all depends on the availability of long-term contracts. The plant should demonstrate where its development can be seen", - says Spiridonov. However, if the plant was not able to convince the bank in its prosperity, then it would be even more difficult to do so with the government.

All because of Russia

The plant itself explains its situation with geopolitical reasons. "There's a problem", says the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Aivars Keskula. "Both sides, the EU and Russian Federation, changed from economic management to political one. Both sides are sweeping with sanctions: these are political decisions".

However, according to the CrediWeb Register, the situation started to deteriorate long before the Russian crisis. In 2012 the company was operating with a profit reaching almost one million euros, in 2013 it already saw a loss of 263,000 euros, and in 2015 the loss reached 509,000 euros.

According to Aivar Keskuly, the main reason for that was the descreasing rouble exchange rate: at some moment, the plant received revenues which fell in value two times as compared to the initial amount.

As a result, the share of the Russian market dropped by a half (from 47% to 24%) in last year alone, according to local media. Not much help was the fact that there are Russian shareholders at DLRZ [the plant]: a quarter of the shares is indirectly owned by Globaltrans Investment PLC, which is called one of the largest private carriers in Russia.

And certainly, it is not the ownership structure that will help negotiate with the Latvian government with respect to state guarantees. Against the background of a stagnating economy, policiticians will find it extremely difficult to explain to voters why it would need to hand out money to private businesses. All the more so in this case we are talking about businessmen with a very vague reputation and problematic episodes of cooperation with government structures.

Unexpected Repairs

According to Saulvedis Varpinsh, lawyer to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and its indirect co-owner Oleg Osinovsky, a negative role in shaping the dire financial situation at the plant could be played by criminal proceedings in which his client appeared. According to the lawyer, any bank would closely examine this kind of information.

Oleg Osinovsky, a citizen of Estonia and one of the wealthiest people in the country, was mentioned in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Latvia, with a status of a suspect accused of bribery to an official.

Eighteen months ago, Latvian law enforcement agencies detained Ugis Magonis, former head of the Latvian Railway, with a large sum of money. As a result, Magonis lost its position, and Latvia nearly lost railway communication with Russia: such possibility was reported by LDZ management, referring to unofficial information from the Russian side as to repair of rails leading to Latvia.

Several officials confirmed: those events were related, as Ugis Magonis was in close relationship with Vladimir Yakunin, the ex-head of Russian Railways. At the same period, Yakunin was dissmissed from his post too.

The Latvian media came up with assumptions that the bribe to Magonis was given by Osinovsky. Today, the fact that Osinovsky was involved in this case is not denied even by his lawyer. Companies associated with the Estonian entrepreneur have repeatedly won tenders held by the Latvian government-run railways.

The implementation of one of such orders, amounting to over 20 million euros, was delayed by the company resulting in penalties and a probe by the Economic Police. Another contract of 270 million euros was indirectly related to DLRZ and was terminated by the government even before it was started.

Despite all this the plant's management still have hopes. "Who told you that we have difficulties? We are working", - said Aivar Keskula, the chairman of the Board of Directors.



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At the Dzintars, they believe that there are no problems with marketing, but there are problems with the search for new markets, which are so much desired in the conditions where CIS markets are falling.


Someone at Dzintars managenment is clearly incompetent, making such a strange statement.

After all, a part of marketing is exactly to search, explore and conquest new markets for the company's products.


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All because of Russia


How is Russia involved? You have long been in the EU - and there is a huge market, which "cannot wait" to have your goods!

Again, Russia, according to your politicians and the media, is about to attack you, and you are here making reproaches that your product don't sell...

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All because of Russia


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Both sides, the EU and Russian Federation, changed from economic management to political one. Both sides are waving with sanctions: these are political decisions.

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