17 Nov 2016

Polish Foreign Ministry named prerequisites for the restoration of dialogue with Russia

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski named the conditions on which relations with Russia can be improved: hand-over of the debris of the crashed Tu-154 near Smolensk, and lift of the "economic sanctions" by Moscow.

Translation from VZ.RU at http://vz.ru/news/2016/11/16/844147.html

"If Russia tells us to show respect and pragmatism, we also demand same from them. President Putin said that he was ready to do everything; I say, do not do everything, let us begin with giving back the wreckage and lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Poland. Then we get back to the pragmatic conversation" says the minister according to RIA Novosti.

Photo by Oleg Mineyev/RIA Novosti

So he commented on the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was receiving the credentials from new ambassadors last week, including Polish ambassador (Wlodzimierz Marciniak); he said that Moscow is ready to restore the political dialogue with Warsaw on the basis of mutual respect and pragmatism and that Russia on its part is ready to do everything to achieve this goal.

The mentioned "debris" refers to the fragments of the Tu-154 aircraft of the Polish president Lech Kaczynski, which crashed in April 2010 while landing at the airport Smolensk-North [Russia].

Vladimir Markin, the official representative of the Russian Investigation Committee, said that the wreckage of the plane which crashed near Smolensk cannot be transferred to Poland [as it may be needed] to complete the investigation in accordance with international law.

[We shall] note also that the "economic sanctions" which Waszczykowski demands to lift were not imposed by Russia. On the contrary, Poland, as a member of the European Union, was first to impose sanctions against Russia, Moscow simply responded to those by introducing a food products embargo.

As was reported in early November, among the EU countries, restrictive measures imposed by Russia in response to the sanctions affected the most Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Poland is sixth in the list after Slovakia and Czech Republic.


Svolota Svolota Khabarovsk

Polaks, we offer you peace without any conditions. We give you the Lviv region, Ivanofrankov region, Ternopil, Volyn, Roven region [all are currently Ukrainian provinces]. Free of charge. Otherwise, you will have even more difficulties in life.

Sergey Kozyrev Zhiguliovsk

It was Poland that followed the orders of the Washington Obkom to join the sanctions against Russia and only after that Russia announced its sanctions against Poland. So Russia owes nothing to Poland except for its scrap metal [wreckage]. But Polish politicians should gag their filthy mouths and stop barking at Russia; otherwise they will not see the Russian market forever.

vik klin

Polaks and Ukrainians are alike, just brothers.

Rudeness and arrogance.

Peter Walter Nakhodka

Poland? [is naming] prerequisites!? Well, well...

Makosh Rybkin Almaty

Q: And this "improvement in relations" is it what we need? As I understand, you don't need relationship with a "anti-Russian function". You would not talk to a sinus or logarithm!

Sheikh Miskin

Poland behaves like a corrupt whore...

Alexey Kiselev Yakutsk

We don't need your "dialogue"! ))

[first we expect] Lifting of sanctions, and abolition of the EU sanctions against Russia with compensation for economic losses: then we'll talk;))

Alexey Kiselev

Though the wreck from the TU (airplane) can be given away

Yoshkin Cot

... The debris of the aircraft crashed near Smolensk, cannot be given to Poland [as it is needed] to complete the investigation in accordance with international law

Mihail Ivanov Rostov-on-Don

Saying: What's fallen off the cart...[is lost forever]

Were apologies made for the heart-breaking attack at the Russian birch-tree? Compensation?

And we are still not reminding [them] about Ivan Susanin, and we can start making claims for him too.

Martyn Gusew

Damage to the environment needs to be assessed, as the Polaks are very toxic.

Andrey Lukyanov Vladivostok

What is this political Euro-prostitute saying? Here in the Far East we have forgotten that there is something like a 'Polish say'.

aaa kkk

It is needed to make a difference between a pragmatic approach of Poland and Poland as an EU member. These are two big differences. Therefore, it is needed to build a relationship with an EU member; as an independent state Poland has no value. But it is possible to forecast, with the removal of mutual sanctions, what steps countries are willing to make.

Martyn Gusew

The main thing is not to give away the debris. And issue a hint that traces of explosives [were found].

Alexander G

Miserable Polaks do not understand that we have not even noticed that the dialogue was interrupted ... It's like the president of Nauru Baron Vaca would suddenly have said: "In order to restore dialogue with Russia, the latter must ..."

And we would kinda ask: who? where? In Africa, what? Baron..., uh, is he a German? And what, did we at all have a dialogue with this ... Naruru?

Alon Budemann

21/05/1938 the Polish ambassador in Paris, Lukasiewicz assured the American ambassador to France, Bullitt, that Poland would immediately declare war on the Soviet Union, if it tries to send troops through Poland to help Czechoslovakia, and that Soviet planes, if they are over Poland on the way to Czechoslovakia, will also be attacked by the Polish Air Force.

Alon Budemann

In December 1938, a prominent Polish diplomat Jan Karshi-Sedlevsky frankly said to one of his German counterparts:

"The political prospects for the European East are clear. After a few years, Germany will be at war with the Soviet Union and Poland will support Germany in this war. For Poland, the best would be most definitely to stand at the side of Germany prior to the conflict, as the territorial interests of Poland in the East, primarily Ukraine, may be provided only by means of pre-made Polish-German agreement. "

Marina Balt Melbourne

Have at least condescension to human weakness!

If they want so much the wreckage of Tu-154, so give it to them!

Russia has much of this crap.

Michael tutoshny Belgorod

Are the apples rotting? So you eat them, panovi [gentlemen in Polish], eat them more and you will be happy! [reference to Polish apple imports banned under Russian counter-measures]

Maxim Volinkin Moscow

You are the last ones to impose prerequisites on us...))

paramon ice

"Bring back the debris and [give us] the possibility to make trade." Needless to say, you can feel at once the Polish "great power".

Alon Budemann

Poland, already in the beginning of 1934, i.e. immediately after the Nazis came to power, signed a nonaggression pact with Germany (Hitler Pilsudski Pact).

Concentration camps were placed on the territory of Poland, namely Auschwitz, Treblinka, and so on ... - was it all by an accident?

And the United States torture prisons located on the territory of Poland were also by an accident?

Or the first had nothing to do [with Poland], and the latter are also alleged having nothing to do with it...? Or maybe the whole thing in about the age-old love of the Polaks to concentration camps and tortures...

This must be constantly repeated everywhere, loudly!!!

Alon Budemann

In June 1934 by a special decree of the Government of Poland, a death camp Kartuz-Bereza was established, for containment of anyone who would dare to doubt the correctness of the Polish national policy.

Alon Budemann

Poland took an active part in capturing Czechoslovakia. On September 22, 1938 Prague informed Moscow about the immediate danger of an attack of Poland against Czechoslovakia. The Soviet government immediately announced that in the event that Polish forces would invade Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union would consider it an act of aggression and denounce the nonaggression pact with Poland. In Paris, the Polish Ambassador Lukasiewicz said to the US Ambassador Bullitt: "in the case of assistance to Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union, Poland is ready for war with the Soviet Union, shoulder to shoulder with Germany. The Polish government is confident that within three months Russian troops would be completely destroyed, and Russia will no longer be even a semblance of a state. "

Upon the request of Poland to explain the Nazi position, on September 30 1938 the Polish ambassador in Berlin received the answer: "In the case of the Polish-Soviet conflict Germany have a friendly position towards Poland." And in October 1938 Poland invaded a part of Czechoslovakia with a population of 228,000 people, of which only 95,0000 were Polish.

In December 1938, report of the General HQ of the Polish Army stated: "The dismemberment of Russia is at the heart of Polish politics in the East ... Therefore, our possible position will be reduced to the following formula: who will take part in the dismemberment. Poland should not remain passive in this remarkable moment of history ... The main objective is the weakening and defeat of Russia." This is how Poland was going to its dream of "Greater Poland".

Burnasanzhelio Maslnorvastello Rostov-on-Don

Poland, go chill out together with your president and other mentals.

Basilius Pupkinson Lesosibirsk

Prerequisites)) What shall we do?)) I want some poisoned apples)))

Georg Chesnoslovo Yekaterinburg

Why do we deal with Poland at all (?) - It always betrayed Russia, lying under Western partners.

Le Ning Moscow

Did Russia first begin to introduce sanctions? Polaks ate too much fish-soup [Russian slang for a person who behaves arrogantly and claims too much]?

Igor Nekrasov Petrozavodsk

I cannot even describe in words how I do not want to see more of Polish apples.

There actually appeared Russian apples, or maybe even someone else's, but they have one absolutely [positive] property: they smell alive and are fresh. Also, we are buying apples from those who cultivate them in their country-side cottages (dachas).

Certainly Polish apples in Russia are imported via third countries and there are a lot of them in Russia, but they are absolutely without a smell and their taste is artificial.

Someday Polish apples might certainly return to Russia.

But not easily as the place is taken.

Personally for me, there would be no place for them in my cart at the cash register.

Obukhov Denis St. Petersburg

"Give me a sausage, I will forgive you for everything!" (Bender [Reference to Russian novel by Ilf and Petrov. The Twelve Chairs])

Lyudmila Vasilyeva

Did Russia ask for a dialogue with Poland?

Bury Medved Novosibirsk

Just like all Europeans: we promise you to make a promise. Poland goes into the furnace [Russian slang for 'should be disregarded'].

Obukhov Denis St. Petersburg

And what Putin was supposed to say when accepting his credentials? He just followed a protocol. Of all people, he understands best that improving relations with Poland is not possible under the current Polish regime (yes, yes, it is a regime!). But he has enough intelligence not to make announcements about any "prerequisites". And stupid Waszczykowski was swift to name prerequisites...

Obukhov Denis St. Petersburg

The best improvement of relations with the Polaks is to completely disregard them altogether, as if they were not existent, let them rage.

Mihail Mihailov St. Petersburg

Polenyas [Russian word for wooden log, sounds similar to "Polish"]. Nothing to talk about.

Innocent Smoktunovskij Rostov-on-Don

Witold have long been awaited at the mental hospital. With a special chamber next to "Napoleon". So to speak, to exchage experiences of setting prerequisites to Russia.

Andrey Vasilyev

Yeah, give them the fragments, and they immediately find traces of explosives. And the sanctions... We did not start it.

Lyudmila Vasilyeva

I would have used quotes for the word "find"

Of course, something they will try to falsify and make up. As soon as laws allow not to give pieces of the plane to them, let them walk through forests or steppes [let them chill out], as it suits them ... Look, they now want cancellation of our sanctions.

[they] behave like savages at talk shows, hatching their eyes, say nonsense, lie in every word. Nothing can be given to these schemers.

Anton Linder

Poland "demanded" that sounds the same as Poproshenko [Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, sounds like Beggar in Russian] would "ask", or Jen Psaki would say something smart.

Sergey Sergeev

And Russia and Germany are discussing ferry services, while puffed Polish szlachta [aristocracy] is losing what is left of profits

Julian Assange Moscow

In 1938 you were together with the Nazis, and now you are completely on the keep-up of the fascists! What kind of dialogue can there be?!?

Diver TDI

What the hell about 1938?? These invaders ever since 1609 were doing us harm, and then they cry how they had suffered from Moscow. Every time I say this to the Polaks they shut up immediately, mentals ...

Yuri Lvov-Bogdan Dombrowski

The question can be easily resolved: Poland and Russia on a mutual basis can pay for the activities of an international veterinary, explosives and chemical weapons commission to study the fragments of the airline. Then a certificate can be issued about the presence (absence) of traces of cyanide, TNT, ice axe of Trotsky .. Then the wreck is loaded onto railway carriages and sent to Brest. The certificate is published in the press.

GOOGLE - "Smolensk-North Broken Tie"

Markus Wolf

VVP is still very polite, I would have pushed the credentials letter into his [ambassador's] Dupa [Polish for 'asshole'] ..

Bonchev Akhmetovich Sbruevich

What a strange monologue! "We demand"; don't you want too much?! And we demand that you remove NATO forces! Pendos [the US] shall be kicked out! And we still be thinking after that ... and compensation for sanctions against the Great Russia! Fucking serviles!

Little Johnny

"A confused country" (Ohlobystin) [a Russian movie actor]

Igor M Belgorod

Cancel sanctions? Insanity grows stronger, wrecks to the asshole of this Polak!

Lone Archer Kuala Lumpur

"Do not do everything, just let us begin with giving the wreckage of the plane and lifting of economic sanctions imposed on Poland"

Sanctions? What sanctions? Oh, those! As a punishment for Ukraine's annexation by the EU and the invasion of hundreds of European mercenaries to Donbass. Yeahh, as soon as possible!

Peter Alexander Strelnikov

The Foreign Minister seems to be out of good reason.

Maxim Heinz Chelyabinsk

Witold envies the glory of Poroshenko showing a piece of a bus [reference to a mine explosion in Volnovakha where pro-Russian fighters were accused by Ukraine]? So he will give an interview holding a part of the fuselage.

Lemonade Joe Bryansk

While there is an ongoing investigation, the debris is a material evidence! And it must be with us. Regarding sanctions: it is not us who started it. And by the way, how about the "fragments" of Kaczynski? For the second time, they will scoff at the remains of their president?


Yaponsky Gorodovoy

They are naming conditions, wow!

Black Dembel Moscow

Even their ambassador is a snitch! This nation is cheap!!

Makarov pistol Train

Psheks [Russian slang for Polaks] are funny clowns.

You heard? Poland sets conditions ... gee-gee-gee

Andrey Dnepropetrovsk Krymsk

This Witold seems to be out of his mind...

Vyacheslav Gasco Ryazan


No, I have not heard...

Eugene Svitnitsky Moscow

Sometimes it happens :) Psheks, set prerequisites before the EU, they might still listen to you!

Ivan Ivanov, St. Petersburg

Psheks setting prerequisites: a new joke...

Bim Bom

Mistake. Not sanctions, but counter sanctions. And in order to lift them, someone has to lift the [original] sanctions. Then all will be fair. And in essence, their "demanding organ" is not mature yet.

Marfa Samarra Moscow

They are setting prerequisites! They need to be put in a doggy-style position!

Vladimir Semenov

And [should be] made run along the fence in this doggy stance!)

Andrey Dnepropetrovsk

"... along the fence" to their "bright" future in NATO!

Vlad Novokuznetsk

Polaks are lucky: for their destruction of the Warsaw Pact they were forgiven their provocative role in fomenting the Second World War and the role of one of the most violent nations in dealing with the [so called] Jewish problem. They themselves are not smart, now hiding behind Uncle Sam once again, they engage into provocations of [a new] conflict. Why not, by the end of the Second World War, backed by the Soviet Union they gained new territories and economy.

Vladislav Zimin

Until the next division.

Vyacheslav Ivanov

We should not give them the plane.

They are sick people obsessed with Russophobia.

The aircraft will be hidden and they will write in all the media that they have evidence to blame the Russians. Of course, no proof will be shown. Now, we can always tell them, come and show [your proof], here is the plane.

And we do not need relations with them.

Let the Ukrainians have a relationship with them [intercourse].

Sasha Sasha

What do you mean by 'relationship'?

Andrew Peppers

Sasha Sasha, what do you think I meant? If it is what I think, then shame on you!

Maxim SPb St. Petersburg

Poland is an assembly plant No.2 in Europe after the Czechs. Economically, we have small ties with them, except for gas, apples and TIR transit.

Sasha Sasha

Well, various crap, some types of plastic bowls and cheap cosmetics are imported to us [from Poland].

Tamapa Tpetyakova

"Forensic experts from Poland named the first results of the autopsy of former President Lech Kaczynski, who died in the plane crash near Smolensk in 2010.

According to experts, the cause of death was internal injuries, broken bones and head trauma. The experts also confirmed that the body buried in Krakow really belonged to president Kaczynski... Did they really think we would plant a different body?

Vladimir Newbie

Strange. But what about the traces of bullets fired by a Russian saboteur, who, after accomplishing this infamy murder, parachuted through the window in the cockpit?

Vladislav Zimin

For the Polaks, all those around are freaks and fools.

Ivan Semenovich

Those were new bullets, they dissolve after hitting the Psheks



Why the heck would we need this? We have resolved all problems with the apples. The Polaks are just the same stupid Ukrainians with ambition, only they do not understand Russian.

Vladislav Zimin

Arrogance among the Polaks would suffice for entire Europe. That's why they were divided by the Europeans more than once.

Andrew Peppers

Vladislav Zimin, not divided, but multiplied. And not just once, but multiplied by zero.



giving the wreckage of the Tu-154 near Smolensk, and lift of the "economic sanctions" by Moscow.

================================================== ==========

like my teacher used to say "RYB!" - Replace your brain!

They imposed sanctions, but Russia should lift the counter measures! DB [reference to famous phrase of Russian MFA Lavrov - Debily, Blyad - Fucking Morons!]!

ShumelkaMysh SK St. Petersburg

Russia demands nothing from Poland, the Russian president was simply polite with the ambassador, despite sanctions, desecration of monuments and your endless tedious, vicious barking in our direction.

But Poland was dropping slippers and [hastily] hurried to name prerequisites)

Nothing terrible will happen if we go without this "restoration of dialogue."

Anton Linder

And then Poland suddenly heard 'go f-ck yourself', quite unexpectedly?

Andrey Perzev

They thought that if Putin does not kick the ass of the Polish Ambassador at the ceremony, then Russia is ready to yield to all of the Polish requirements.

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